Norris Insurance offers a broad variety of group health options

Group health insurance is essentially insurance provided to members of a group at a discounted rate by insurers. The insurers are able to provide this coverage at a discount because they’re taking on a pool of insureds among which they can spread out the risk.

For many employers, group health insurance is perhaps the most important fringe benefit they offer. An effective healthcare package is likely to add to the company’s profile and assist in gaining more talented applicants while keeping the current ones satisfied. In the long run, these employees morale will be higher in turn creating a better work environment.

Group Health Insurance has sometimes been labeled as being too expensive. Let Norris Insurance help you find a plan that works for you. You can save money while compensating your staff at the same time; it’s just a matter of planning.

Norris Insurance represents these companies for group health insurance.

Assurant small business health plans:
Running a small business is a balancing act. Balancing the need to provide your employees with health insurance while keeping costs down can be difficult. Assurant can help.
More of NC’s Top 100 Small Businesses choose Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina than any other plan. Why? Customer service here in North Carolina. The largest network of providers in the entire state. Fastest and most accurate claims processing in the entire state
Group health Insurance from Madison Life Insurance CompanyHealth Insurance is designed to protect individuals and employers from the financial burdens associated with receiving care for unforeseen medical conditions. Madison National Life provides innovative benefit solutions through its product design and health insurance marketing and administrative partners.
Standard Security Life Insurance Company offers standard HMO plans as well as POS plans. A range of plans are available, from “lite” coverage that includes only basic doctor and specialist visits, and hospital and emergency care, to more extensive plans which add maternity care, vision care, diagnostics, and mental health coverage.

Starmark is an expert in small to midsize group healthcare benefits. We provide unparalleled personal service, flexible plan designs both fully insured and self-funded and our groups have access to nationwide networks.
United Health Care makes it easy to offer your employees affordable, high-quality benefits plans and wellness programs. In addition to our traditional group coverage plans, we offer specialty products like vision and dental insurance. We also provide international coverage, behavioral health and Medicare coverage options for our members.